bill monroe

Blood On The Bluegrass

Author’s preface: I should start off this piece explaining what it is and isn’t. What this isn’t is a complete history of bluegrass. That’s just not something you can do for a blog post. What this is is a study of the bluegrass genre and a slight history of its roots, formation, troubles and finally, Gothic qualities and what actually makes bluegrass “bluegrass.” This piece … Continue reading Blood On The Bluegrass

Elvis Presley

Let’s Talk Business … The Country Music Business

Warning: Language Imagine this – you’re a country music scholar looking to answer the question, “what is country music?” Is it the moan of the steel guitar that makes a country song? Do you have to be southern born and raised? Do you have to mention mama, trucks, trains and alcohol? You don’t really know, but you’re determined and well on your way to finding … Continue reading Let’s Talk Business … The Country Music Business