My name is Zackary Kephart. Welcome to Swamp Opera. This blog is dedicated to country music history in my own fun, relaxed way.

As for what you’ll find here, occasionally you’ll find long, research-based posts dedicated to telling a part of the genre’s history.

At other times, you’ll find reviews for older material that’s helped make country music into what it is today along with other fun little look-backs such as my “Best Hit Songs” feature.

Elsewhere, I also do movie reviews that are at least tied in some way to country music as well book reviews on my “Reading Vault” page.

Above all though, I just want to have fun with this outlet while still creating something substantial. I don’t tend to review current material all that much so I wouldn’t expect this blog to be your source for finding out about new artists.

Thanks for reading. If you’re curious about where the name stems from, check out this post.

My work has also appeared at The Shotgun SeatNiagara Frontier Publications and Niagara Wire. I also operate The Musical Divide, a country music review outlet.

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